For Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has opened a new and dark chapter in Europe. Images and memories from earlier conflicts suddenly seem tangible and close. At the same time, everyday work seems to have slipped into a bubble, being only partly real in a larger and more frightening reality.

Amid never-ending streams of news reports and analyses, we stand bewildered and watch the horrors of war escalate. Yet again. And this time on European soil. Sure, it is heartwarming here at home to see profile photos and building facades covered in the Ukrainian yellows and blues. Yet there is an unmistakable feeling that more action is called for.

Take action

Linnarc has chosen to send a humble economic contribution to Save the Children Sweden and UNHCR, two of the organisations now doing critical work for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. There are several others. I hereby want to take the opportunity to encourage fellow businesses and stakeholders within the industry to take action and show their support. The means and channels are many. The essential thing is for us is to do all we possibly can to help improve the outcome of these terrible events.

This is about Ukraine. And about the future of Europe in which we work and prosper.


Linnarc AB is a consultancy in Architecture and Urban Planning, led by Erik Linn.


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