About Linnarc

Linnarc is a knowledge based practice providing services within the fields of Architecture and Urban planning. Through analyses, surveys and benchmarking studies, the aim is to help clients forward by keeping them informed and updated on urban developments and ongoings, making them better prepared for current and future challenges.

Linnarc AB is led by Architect SAR/MSA Erik Linn who founded the company in October 2020. Services are targeted at architect offices, real estate companies and other property and development actors, as well as public municipalities and authorities.

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About me, Erik Linn

I am a trained architect with a broad experience of urban planning and development. Having previously worked on designing buildings, I nowadays focus on the urban issues of city planning and development. My experiences from building design gives me an understanding of the interaction between buildings and city, and how the layout and design of both affect the other. My target is often widen the angle of vision and lay the foundation for holistic perspectives.

I was trained at the schools of architecture at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU in Trondheim and at the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture in Copenhagen. I have worked at White arkitekter, and at Wingardhs as well as my own architect’s studio.

I am an experienced lecturer and have appeared at professional events such as Business Arena in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Nordic Architecture Fair and various local events. I have taught architecture and planning at NTNU, Chalmers University of Technology and at Blekinge Institute of Technology.


Architecture and Urban Planning through maps, photo, text, guided tours